How Drinking Affects the Teenage Brain

Content Risks Of Teenage Drinking Risks of Underage Drinking Alcohol Use Disorder Statistics PREVENTING UNDERAGE DRINKING WITHIN A DEVELOPMENTAL Physical Signs of Alcoholism For example, research demonstrates that the Internet and advertising, including that which occurs on social media, promotes drinking behaviors in teenagers. If a teen you love has changed drastically over a short […]

Difference Between Physical and Psychological Dependence

Content When to Seek Treatment for Psychological Dependence Social Symptoms Addictions What Are Symptoms of Psychological Dependence? Putting Substance Abuse and Its Effects Behind You If you’re concerned that a friend or family member has a problem with drugs or alcohol, it’s important to know the difference between physical and psychological dependence and how both […]

Adult Substance Use Oxford House

Content Who Is Eligible To Live In An Oxford House? Wake Network Of Care What Happens If You Relapse In A Sober Living Home? Where Do I Apply For Oxford House Living? D Enforcement Of The Ldc And The First Federal Action Oxford House, Inc V City Of Wilmington Findings indicated that there were no […]