Multiscale Analysis: A General Overview and Its Applications in Material Design Simcenter

An analogy can be made with the general methodologies developed for numerically solving differential equations, for example, the finite difference, finite element, finite volume, and spectral methods. These different but also closely related methodologies serve as guidelines for designing numerical methods for specific applications. In the multiscale approach, one uses a variety of models at […]

What is DevOps Engineer? Skills, Roles & Responsibilities

Content Essential AWS technologies Business Technology Establish the optimal tool Communication and collaboration Monitoring Jenkins Master and Slave Architecture – A Complete Guide What Does DevOps Mean? Experience with DevOps Tools Roles and Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer Whereas traditional development methodologies work on a linear timeline with one stage following the other, companies using […]

React JS: Why Developers Prefer React for Front-End Development

Content React Developer: React Native, React, Frontend & Backend Development Reasons to choose React for your project in 2022 New Terminology – JSX and Virtual DOM Why are Web Frameworks the need of the hour? Another is chrome browser extension support for tracing components and redux store. In market there bunch of toolkits are available […]